Vantec SuperSpeed USB 3.0 PCI-e Host Card

The controller IC was supplied by NEC Electronics, which is now known as Renesas Electronics after NEC and Renesas merged.  The IC used on the Vantec card is the original USB 3.0 controller developed by NEC, the µPD720200.  There is a new version of the chip, the µPD720200A, which is same as its predecessor but with the added benefit of extra power savings.

The back of the card is black and pretty plain.  The solder joints look intact and well.  It's too bad that this card doesn't have any USB 3.0 headers for case front access ports.  Most current cases now provide USB 3.0 front ports, but it seems like the only way to use them is to get a motherboard with the 3.0 header port on them.  I haven't seen any add-in USB 3.0 cards that provide this.