OCZ Vendetta CPU Cooler

The word vendetta makes me think of the recent movie, V for Vendetta. It makes me think of a challenge and rebellious behaviour against the establishment. So what does this mean in regards to OCZ's Vendetta CPU Cooler? I'm guessing it refers to OCZ's fight against the heat eminated within from processors: OCZ's Vendetta against heat! Sounds corny? Yes it does. BUT did OCZ win the bitter feud? Let's find out.

OCZ Vendetta CPU Cooler

OCZ's Vendetta CPU cooler is a heatsink with the tried and effective heat pipe and fin design. The fins are aluminum, the heat pipe is copper, and the fan is 92mm. Together, this creates a light weight cooling package.

The heat pipes are used as the frame of the Vendetta, and they hold together the stacked aluminum fins.

Each aluminum fin of the Vendetta has dimples and the OCZ logo pressed in it. According to OCZ, these features add turbulence which helps to reduce friction on airflow between the fins. The ends of the heat pipes exit at the top of the heatsink.