OCZ Minikart USB Flash Drive 2GB

OCZ Technology has a reputation in technology enthusiast circles for making high performance and high quality products. Making popular products for enthusiasts and overclockers alike, today we're going to be examining one of their more mainstream level products, the Minikart USB flash drive. Made with portability in mind and not performance, we'll see how it does on our test bench.

The Minikart

The top of the all black plastic flash disk proudly exclaims OCZ Minikart in white lettering, while the bottom is plain. It is shaped as a rectangle with corners cut out to fit the dimensions of a USB connector. This can allow for the mistake of plugging in the drive backwards (something I admit I've done a few times already), but not to worry, this doesn't damage the card.

Compared to a quarter (the Canadian quarter is the same size as the American quarter, but worth more har har!), the Minikart is a little longer, not as wide, and a little thicker. Its true dimensions are 43x19x2.8mm. This small and thin design allows the Minikart to be carried everyday in a wallet for example. Despite it being thin, I don't have worries about it getting damaged, as I've tested carrying it around in my wallet for about a month now with no issues to date.

Since the Minikart is so thin, you shouldn't have any problems using it and other USB devices in conjunction with adjacently stacked USB ports. However, if your USB configuration is side by side, depending on how close the ports are, you may not be able to use multiple devices as the Minikart is a little wider than the actual port.