1TB 3.5" USB 3.0 External Hard Drives from Iomega and Seagate

After our review of Vantec's USB 3.0 controller card, we learned of the benefits of upgrading to USB 3.0 from USB 2.0. You get to retain backwards compatibility, but the potential performance benefits can be huge. That's probably why most of the major external storage device manufacturers have adopted the 3.0 standard early on. The drives under the microscope are very similar on paper. They are no frills external drives with just a USB 3.0 backwards compatible interface. They are both 1TB in capacity and utilize 3.5" desktop hard drives. They're both from big names in the computer storage industry, Iomega and Seagate. Iomega is famous for its Zip Drives, and Seagate is one of the biggest hard drive manufacturers in the world.

The drives we'll be looking at are Iomega's Prestige Desktop USB 3.0 hard drive, and Seagate's Expansion USB 3.0 hard drive.