iStarUSA BPN-DE340SS SAS/SATA 3x5.25" to 4x3.5" Hard Drive Hot-Swap Cage

iStarUSA is a company with almost 20 years of experience in manufacturing their own industrial switching power supplies, rackmount chassis and server cabinets. Expanding their product catalogue, iStarUSA also makes workstation and server accessories including mobile hard drive racks. Used in situations where hard drives need to quickly swapped, mobile racks help to make the task easier. The drive cage we'll be inspecting today is iStarUSA's BPN-DE340SS. It takes up 3 adjacent 5.25" drive bays and gives you 4 3.5" SAS/SATA drive bays. It's a new model from iStarUSA that supports current SATA 3.0 technology with its 6.0Gb/s transfer rate. It also supports drives up to with 3GB capacity.


  • Aluminum Frame, designed for heavy-duty purpose
  • Standard Drive Bays: (5.25" Drives: 3) to (Hotswap 3.5": 4)
  • Hotswap HDD Type: 3.5" SAS I/II & SATA I/II/II (up to 6Gb/s)
  • Support Hot-Swap & RAID Configuration (need an additional RAID controller)
  • 3TB Hard Drives Compatible

The BPN-DE340SS Hotswap Drive Cage

The front of the cage is comprised of LED indicator lights and the drive bay doors. There are five LED lights, one for power to the unit, and one activity indicator light per drive. The doors are made of aluminum. The black aluminum part of the door is a latch used to open the door. Each door is individually lockable.The magenta aluminum part is perforated for ventilation. Interestingly, the colour scheme for this cage was marketed as red, but to my eye it looks more like magenta. For those who fans of other colours, the cage is also available in black, blue and silver.  To check out photos of the cage in other colours, check out iStarUSA's product page below.  The frame trim around the doors is black plastic.