Thermaltake Level 10 GT Snow Edition Full Tower Chassis

Visible on the outside of the side of the case's fan-box is a small white knob.  This knob is used to control the angle of  an air diverter system.  Users can control the vertical angle direction of the side intake fan's airflow.

Another neat feature of the Level 10 GT's easy to operate side door are fan power contacts.  The door and the case have contacts that supply power to the side intake fan when the door is closed.  Unlike more basic cases with side intake fans, owners don't need to unplug side panel mounted fans when removing the door.

Almost all of the interior of the Level 10 GT is powder coated black.  Like most other mid-to-higher end cases on the market, the Level 10 GT has silicone grommets on the motherboard tray to pass cables through.  There is space for a power supply of any length to be installed at the bottom of the case.  The whole bottom of the interior of the case is ventilated, and supports the use of power supplies with bottom mount intake fans, and there are mounting holes allowing the installation of a 120mm fan.  Thermaltake preinstalled a 140mm fan in the back and a 200mm fan on the top.  These fans are both installed in an exhaust configuration.

A removable filter covers the bottom vents for an installed power supply and an optional 120mm fan mount.

The back of the Level 10 GT is also powder coated black.  It's fairly standard in terms of layout.  Moving top to bottom, there are three silicone grommets for liquid cooling hoses to pass through safely.  A 120/140mm cooling fan vent is beside the ATX backplane hole.  There are 8 slots for expansion cards, so a double slot video card will fit if your motherboard has a bottom-most PCI-e 16x slot.  A small feature that stands out for LAN party gamers are the two cable clips: one at the top and bottom.  Removable only via the interior of the case, you can pass your peripheral cables through them so that they aren't easily stolen.

There are four swingout feet on the bottom at the four corners of the Level 10 GT.  I didn't encounter any stability issues with the case with the feet tucked in.  The bottom of the feet are lined with rubber, so the case shouldn't easily slide around.

Included with the Level 10 GT case are black screws for mounting different types of drives, fans and the motherboard.  Cable ties, a manual and a case speaker are also included.  For large cases like the Level 10 GT, a problem that I have encountered in the past is having a long enough 12v auxilary motherboard cable to run behind the motherboard tray and still be able to reach the motherboard connector.  Thermaltake alleviates this problem by including a sleeved extension cable.