Thermaltake Level 10 GT Snow Edition Full Tower Chassis

Suggestions for Thermaltake

Based our experience with the installation of our test bed system in the Level 10 GT case, we have a few suggestions for Thermaltake:

  • * add more space between the back of the motherboard tray and the side panel (an extra 0.5-1cm would be perfect)
  • * add more tie down points behind the motherboard for cable organization
  • * for added visual effect, add LED lighting inside of the case to illuminate the components viewable through the window (make it linked with the fan LED controller)
  • * add noise damping material to interior panels


Overall, Thermaltake was successful in designing a high end gamer oriented case.  Covering the high end aspect of the case, this case easily accomodates various configurations of large components without issue.  Top end gaming systems usually consist of large CPU cooling hardware, a long power supply and long video cards.  All of those components fit with ease.

Besides accomodating long video cards, Thermaltake added in many small touches to cater to the LAN gamer who frequently transports their computer between different venues.  There is a large handle to facilitate carrying the system around, and clips/locks to ensure your peripherals and system are secure.  The fact that most of the case is mostly tool-less and the door can be easily/quickly opened allows for quick servicing on the go.

Cooling is more than adequate, with all main component areas within the case well ventilated with outside air.  All of the fan slots come pre-populated with the exception of one (the bottom).  And all of the LED fans are integrated with a built in fan controller.  Setting the fans to low speed using the controller results in a low hum, without really sacrificing much in the way cooling performance.  The only real knock against the Level 10 GT is that while it doesn't produce much noise on its own, if you have a loud component (like a stock GPU fan), the case doesn't do anything in the way of dampening the noise.

The styling of the Level 10 GT is flashy and stands out like a sports car with a body kit.  Many people who visited my house while the Level 10 GT was setup either hated it or loved it, but regardless their opinions, it was noticed and garnered attention.  It has a unique shape, bright lights and a window allowing people to peer in.  If you're looking for a case that will make you stand out at a LAN party, the Level 10 GT is exactly what the doctor ordered.

The last factor not yet considered yet is the selling price of the Level 10 GT.  Looking online, the case is selling for approximately $230US.  This puts it in a pretty high price bracket with lots of other nice cases available.  But this case is very feature loaded and has a very wide hardware compatibility list, which helps to justify the price.  And styling wise, if you spend a big chunk of change on the Level 10 GT, you will at least get noticed.  The Level 10 GT is a niche case, but it fits that niche very well.