RunCore Pro V Max 240GB Solid State Drive

RunCore isn't a brand that's well known in North America, but they happen to be the largest SSD manufacturer in China.  Not only that, but its consumer oriented products only make up a fraction of its SSD product portfolio.  The rest of the products offered by RunCore are oriented towards enterprise, industrial and military applications.  It's in this focus that many of RunCore's drives are ruggedized, including its consumer oriented drives.  Today we'll be looking at a drive from RunCore's brand new flag ship series, Pro V Max, which is replacing the Pro V series as RunCore's fastest consumer level drives. 

The main point of evolution between the original Pro V and the Max is referred to as a Golden Firmware.  Comparing the specifications of the two drives, the two differing details surround the read speeds of the drives.  The Max increases the maximum read speed by 10MB/s to 560MB/s, and 4K IOPS read from 40000 to 50000.  We'll see if this Golden Firmware is as good as its name implies.


Interface SATA III, backwards compatible with SATA I/II
Dimensions 100.2 x 69.85 x 9mm
Weight 80g
Flash Media MLC
Max Speed (read/write) 560 / 525MB/s
4K IOPS (read/write) 50000 / 60000

Physical Drive Analysis

The RunCore Pro V Max SSD we're looking at today sports a full metal exterior, which is common across all of RunCore's lines of enclosed SSDs.  The metal exterior gives credence to RunCore's claim of ruggedness, and it looks unique compared to the style of most of the other drives on the market.  The only identifier on the top of the ProV Max drive is RunCore's logo, with no mention of the model of the drive.

There are screw mounting holes on the Pro V Max in standard locations on the side, so you shouldn't have any problems mounting them in any 2.5" drive bays.  This includes compatibility with Apple based computers with 2.5" drives.

The only way to know which specific model of RunCore SSD this is, is by reading the sticker on the bottom of the drive.  It's pretty non-descript, especially with the word 'Max' in the model name.  You'd assume their branding/marketing folks would want that term flaunted all over the product.

The only connectors on the Pro V Max are for SATA data and power.  They are the standard location, so this drive should have no problems being used in 2.5" hot swap bays or notebook computers.

Taking a peek at the inside of the Pro V Max, we can see LSI's Sandforce SF-2281 controller (aka flash storage processor).

The Pro V Max uses Intel 25nm MLC NAND, with a 16GB (128Gbits) capacity per module.  This adds up to 256GB in total.  By nature of the Sandforce controller, one module is reserved for use for firmware and overprovisioning, so this leaves 240GB.