RAIDMAX Raptor Mid-Tower Gaming Case

The front panel located at the top front of the case gives the user additional options besides the basic amenities normally found on a case in this price range.  There are two knobs, one which allows the LED lighting to be adjusted in intensity and another to adjust fan speed.  You can also  see the wings on the front of the case from this view.

The bottom of the case has tall plastic feet, which raise the bottom of the case off the floor by over an inch.  The bottom of the feet have small rubber pads for vibration dampening and so the Raptor can't slide around. The bottom of the Raptor at the rear of the case has a removeable dust filter for the power supply air intake.

The back of the motherboard plate positioned fairly close to the side panel and as a result there is very limited space for running cables along the back.  The panel offers a nice design from the outside, but the reality is that it doesn’t allow extra depth in the key areas for cabling.