OCZ Synapse Cache 64GB Solid State Drive


If you can recall our past SSD reviews, you'll remember that we suggest that all of our readers should get an SSD.  The performance benefits are immediately noticeable, and this results in a much better end user experience.  The only issue comes down to affordability.  Having a hard drive is a given for most users, and a typical current generation computer system can be found containing a 1-2TB hard drive.  This puts the storage budget of an average system at around $100-$130.  At current prices, this buys you a good 90GB solid state drive.  Combining your operating system, applications/games, media files and documents will likely exceed the capacity of a small SSD like that.  The typical solution to this is for users to have a small SSD primarily as a boot drive and for applications to be installed, while having a large hard drive for storage.

Personally I went this route and used a 60GB SSD as a primary drive, and I can attest that it can require quite a bit of customization and management to ensure I was within and not nearing capacity limits.  Some of the things involved can be over the heads of average users, and deleting the wrong files can result in a broken operating system.  For example, I frequently assist family and friends with computer related issues, and while disabling System Restore in Windows can save a lot of space, I've had to use it before a few times because someone did something by accident and rendered their computer unbootable.

This is where a caching drive like OCZ's Synapse Cache comes into play.  The Synapse Cache kit with Dataplex software can easily be installed into an existing computer and provide its users with the performance benefits of an SSD, but without losing the capacity provided by a large hard drive.  All a user really needs to know is how to install an additional drive into their computer.  It's a cinch.

Price wise, it's roughly the same as a 90GB SSD, but you're also getting the Dataplex caching software in the package as well.  All-in-all, the OCZ's Synapse Cache kit is very affordable at a little over $100.  While we still would recommend a large SSD for those can afford one, like the Synapse's big brother Vertex 3, we feel that the Synapse Cache is a great asset to add to an existing computer to give it a noticeable boost without breaking the bank.