nVidia nForce 790i SLI Ultra Chipset Edition

@ Anandtech
NVIDIA's top-end nForce 790i SLI SPP will be available to motherboard vendors in two distinct flavors; a new "Ultra" version will be the new top-end part. While NVIDIA claims that both versions are sure to be highly overclockable, the 790i SLI Ultra targets extreme overclocking and will feature automatic configuration of memory for DDR3-2000 operation using EPP2 profiles built into SLI-ready memory modules. Suppliers looking to offer products featuring slightly less aggressive CPU and memory overclocking capabilities for those on a tighter budget will use the "standard" 790i SLI part. Be sure to pay close attention to this important distinction when shopping for your next board. The chips are almost certainly the same internally, but the Ultra parts are binned for higher performance, similar to what we see with CPUs and more recently with the X38 and X48.

@ Tech Report
Barely three months have passed since Nvidia launched its high-end nForce 780i SLI chipset, and already the green team has another round in the chamber. To be fair, the 780i wasn't so much a new design as a second-coming of the nForce 680i decked out with PCI Express 2.0 support via a custom SLI bridge chip. The 780i wasn't the most elegant answer to the 32 second-generation PCI Express lanes lurking in Intel's X38 Express chipset, but it was the best Nvidia could do at the time to keep up with the Joneses. Today, however, Nvidia's real next-generation core logic arrives in the nForce 790i SLI and its spoiler-equipped Ultra variant. Unlike its predecessor, the nForce 790i SLI has an all-new north bridge chip bristling with 32 lanes of bandwidth-rich PCIe 2.0 goodness. Within it also lies Nvidia's first DDR3 memory controller, which has been carefully tweaked with Penryn in mind. The 790i has native support for 1600MHz front-side bus speeds, too. And, of course, everything comes neatly packaged on a fresh motherboard design tuned for overclocking and packed with ESA functionality.

@ Hot Hardware
The nForce 790i SLI and 790i SLI Ultra, however, are more difficult to differentiate. Essentially, the two chipsets are identical. The Ultra version of the chipset is more vigorously binned and is capable of DDR3 memory speeds in excess of 2GHz. The non-Ultra 790i SLI is officially supports DDR3 memory speeds as high as 1333MHz. Other notable features to the 790i SLI chipset include 60 lanes of PCI Express connectivity with native gen 2 support, with 10 USB ports, ESA, Media Shield, and First Packet support, in addition to three-way and Quad-SLI support.