NewerTech NuTouch Gloves

Arriving a few weeks ago just in time for the cold winter weather in Canada's national capital, Ottawa, I received a package from NewerTech and Other World Computing.  I was excited to receive this package, and not because it contained high tech goodies, but because it had a pair of NuTouch gloves.   The reason I was looking forward to receiving these gloves is because I use my iPhone a lot when I'm outside, and my old pair of gloves didn't work with touchscreens.  This meant having to take off my gloves when operating touchscreen devices, and with outside temperatures frequently dropping into the -20 degree celcius (-4F) range, this resulted in frozen hands.  This really negated the effects of having gloves in the first place.

Each package of NuTouch gloves comes with a pair.  It might be hard to tell from the photos, but the gloves are charcoal gray in colour.  They are made of a stretchy cotton material, so as to conform well to the shape and size of your hand.

As the gloves themselves are relatively thin, they aren't great for extremely cold temperatures.  On their own, they are good  for cool temperatures.  With colder winter temperatures around, I found I wore them inside a thicker pair of snowboarding gloves.  When I needed to use my iPhone, I would take off the outer glove, and used the device while wearing the NuTouch glove.  At worst case when the temperature was low and wind was high, my hands got a little cool, but nowhere near as frigid as when I didn't use the NuTouch gloves.

The NuTouch gloves from NewerTech are advertised as able to work with touch interfaces of all kinds, ranging from touchpads on laptops to touchscreens on GPS devices and smarthphones.  Capacitive touchscreens (or pads) generally work by recognizing a change in capacitance when an electrically conductive object touches it.  Typically, this is a finger or stylus.  But when you touch the screen with an electrically non-conductive object, there is no change in capacitance, and the touch isn't detected.  This is why regular gloves don't work with these touchscreens.  Gloves are generally made with electrically insulating materials.  NewerTech bypasses this by weaving electrically conductive material into the fingertips of the Nutouch gloves.

I tested the Nutouch gloves with a variety of touchscreen (and pad) devices, including a TomTom GPS, the touchscreen navigation in my car, and various Apple iOS devices.  Everything worked fine, including different touch techniques involving more than one finger simultaneously (pinch zooming, scrolling, etc).  

Please take a look at the video below for a demo of the NuTouch gloves in action while using an iPhone 4.

All in all, NewerTech's NuTouch gloves are a good companion for people who find their hands getting cold while using touchscreen devices while on the go.  They work as advertised, and I know I'll be wearing my pair everyday this winter season when I go outside.