Kingston DataTraveler HyperX 64GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive

It's been a while since we've looked at the original Kingston HyperX USB flash drive, about 3.5 years actually. For it's time, we found that the 4GB HyperX drive was very fast and at the top of its class.  Today, we're looking at a drive from the current HyperX line.  And we've come a long way as far as USB flash drives are concerned.

In the categories of capacity and performance, the new HyperX USB flash drive series is leaps and bounds ahead of the original HyperX line.  The old HyperX line topped with a 4GB capacity, and the new line is now provides up to a whopping 256GB of storage.  The old series embraced USB 2.0 and was rated at 20MB/s write and 30MB/s read, and the new HyperX line uses the latest and greatest USB 3.0 interface and is rated at 135MB/s write and 225MB/s read.  Is the new DataTraveler HyperX drive going to be able to live up to the bar set by the original HyperX drive?  We'll find out.


  • 8-Channel Architecture
  • Solid/rugged design: durable metal and rubberized casing provides increased protection
  • Capacities: 64GB (DTHX30/64GB), 128GB (DTHX30/128GB), 256GB (DTHX30/256GB)
  • Speed (USB 3.0): up to 225MB/s read and 135MB/s write
  • Dimensions: 2.952" x 0.916" x 0.626"
  • Warranty: 5 Years

Build and Design

The design of the DataTraveler HyperX follows Kingston's HyperX style guide as of late.  It's black and blue with an angular design that makes it look fast.  And that's what the HyperX series of products is supposed to be about right?  Performance. 

The blue material is metal (I think it's aluminum) and the black material is rubber.  The build quality of the drive very high.  It's very solid and barely has any give when pressing on the surface of the drive or trying to bend/break it in half.  This bodes well for users who wish to use the loop on the drive an attach it to a keychain.  For a USB flash drive, it seems impervious to any serious damage (surface scratches aside).

The drive is comprised of two parts, the drive itself and a protective cap for the USB connector.  The cap fits on relatively tight and shouldn't fall off easily.  The USB connector on the drive is blue, indicative of USB 3.0 support.

The DataTraveler HyperX is bigger than your average USB flash drive.  It looks like a flash drive on steroids, bulkier but in a strong muscular way.  One thing to keep in mind is that while other series of USB flash drives go up to the 32-64GB range, the Kingston HyperX USB 3.0 range STARTS at 64GB and goes up to 256GB while retaining the same physical dimensions.