Daily Reviews for October 3

AMD A8-5600k APU Processor Review @ eTeknix.com

AMD being typical AMD, they want to make it easy for their users to upgrade, much like we saw with AM2+ and AM3+. Sadly, for users of the Llano FM1 socket processors, you will need to upgrade your board to the newer FM2 socket, but now AMD are adamant that FM2 will last around 3 years and will support the future, next generation processors. Under the FM2 socket, you will also notice three key chipsets; A55, A75 and A85X depending on your uses and of course budget.

XFX Radeon HD 7850 1GB Core Edition Video Card Review @ Legit Reviews

If you want to spend under $200 on a discrete graphics card you have a large number of choices, but one card that recently managed to catch our attention is the AMD Radeon HD 7850. The AMD Radeon HD 7850 came out on March 4, 2012 and cost $249.99 when we originally reviewed the reference card. This video card is now seven months old and the price for an entry level AMD Radeon HD 7850 card has fallen below $180! The XFX Radeon HD 7850 1GB Core Edition is one of those cards and what we are looking at today!

AMD A10-5800K Trinity Desktop Processor @ Benchmark Reviews

Right on track, well after Ivy Bridge, AMD has released their second generation of Accelerated Processing Units in the form of the Trinity series A10-5800K and the A8-5600K. Last week, we brought you a preview of these two APUs just to give you a taste of their gaming performance and some of their specifications. Today, at Benchmark Reviews, we are going in detail for a full work-over of the A10-5800K APU.

AMD A10-5800K Trinity APU Review @ TechwareLabs

Today AMD launches the new Trinity APU lines based on the Piledriver architecture. We have in their latest A10-588K and A8-566K APU's for testing. GPU as well as CPu enhancements await end users with this new product line. The big question on everyones mind is "Does Trinity close the gap and finally provide a compelling argument to the Ivy Bridge CPU. There's no doubt that Intel retains the performance crown but the really compelling argument is in where AMD is headed. The question you should be asking yourself is " What should I be looking for in a processor?"

AMD A10-5800K Trinity Desktop APU Review @ Legit Reviews

The internal testing from AMD that we can see above shows a 37% increase in the 3DMark 11 score between the first generation A-Series Llano and this generation of A-Series Trinity. While our numbers don't match their numbers exactly, our Llano system scored 1115 3Dmarks while the AMD internal testing showed 1150 3DMarks. Our AMD A10-5800K scored 1521 3DMarks while they scored 1570. The overall difference was remarkably similar, AMD is boasting an increase of 37% and we saw a difference of 36.4%...