Daily Reviews for Mar 7

SilverStone Strider Gold Evolution 850-watt (ST85F-G) PSU Review @ Tweaktown

The ST85F-G Evolution shares the same feature summary as the rest of the Evolution series. It has full of protection features including over temperature protection, but the unit is not rated for 100% continuous output at 50C. It is instead rated for 100% continuous output at 40C. The power supply is fully modular and fully sleeved. The full modular design also allows for the use of SilverStone's PP05 short cable kit.  Antares Pro comes in with the cheapest price of $168.99. Alternatively you can find the unit for $169.99 at Directron. Hardcore Newegg fans will find the unit a tad more expensive, costing $195.82 after shipping. At about $170, the ST85F-G Evolution is one of the cheapest 80Plus Gold rated 850W models available. SilverStone backs the unit by a three year warranty.

VisionTek Radeon HD 7970 3GB Video Cards in 4-Way CrossFireX @ Tweaktown

Installing a fourth was just a natural progression and while it would've been nice to have our old Eyefinity setup up and running over here in my test area in Taiwan, it's currently in retirement. Still, we've got our faithful 30" Dell monitor that has been serving us well for years and we'll be able to see how single monitor 2560 x 1600 performance looks with this setup.  Today we've got a video card from a company we haven't heard heaps from. VisionTek has been around for ages and while we've looked at a nice kit of RAM from them, we haven't seen anything in the VGA side of things yet. Since this is a HD 7970 we haven't looked at yet the first thing we've got to do is check out the bundle that's going on.

Antec Three Hundred Two Mid-Tower Chassis Review @ Tweaktown

Some of the larger complaints of the original design were the lack of room behind the motherboard tray to do much for cable management, lack of room for longer video cards, ease of use and lack of tool-less features and the last drawback to the original was if you wanted to run water cooling, you had to punch your own holes to get the tubing outside of the case. Essentially the original Three Hundred was pretty bare bones as far as a lot of mid towers go.  This time around Antec really listened to the users of the Three Hundred and took the chassis back to the drawing board to see just what they could do inside of the same sized chassis, yet offer everything today's users are demanding of manufacturers in the feature set. With the newest version, the optical bays and hard drive bays have gone to a tool-less solution and the hard drive rack has been spun ninety degrees to eliminate some of the wiring mess inside. The motherboard tray is now offset and offers plenty of room back there and the expansion slots got a redesign to allow for more room inside of the chassis to fit even longer cards now.

Noctua NH-L12 CPU Cooler Review @ RWLabs

The cooler we are going to take a look at today is the newest release from Noctua. The NH-L12 takes on a new path in that it is made for low profile applications. While most of the other review sites will throw this cooler on their standard test bed, I have decided to take a different route. We are going to utilize the Noctua in the environment it was designed for in our HTPC setup. So stick around and see what this cooler can do in the real world.

ASUS USB-N53 Dual Band Wireless-N300 USB Adapter @ Benchmark Reviews

Built on the same design slate as the black diamond series, comes the ASUS USB-N53 Dual Band Wireless-N300 USB Adapter. The USB-N53 has two built in antennae and can operate on 2.4GHz and 5GHz signals at up to 300Mb/s. On the box ASUS claim that the USB-N53 has a "Superior antenna design for extensive wireless coverage more than 150%" and this does show through in our tests, our testing threw out some good numbers but nowhere near 300Mb/s which is understandable to a certain extent. The ASUS USB-N53 comes bundled with an adjustable USB cable that allows you to position the adapter for a better wireless connection. If you are eager to find out more jump on in and see if the USB-N53 is right for you.

ASUS Intel Z77 Motherboard Preview: P8Z77, Formula, Gene & Sabertooth @ Legit Reviews

ASUS recently allowed us to take a look at their upcoming motherboards that uses the Intel 7-series chipset and supports the 3rd generation Intel Core processor. Read on to see what innovative ideas the hardware engineering team over at ASUS has come up with for this new motherboard series. If you've been waiting on Intel to release their upcoming 22nm 'Ivy Bridge' processors, this is a must read!

ToughTech mini-Q Encrypted Portable Drive @ TechwareLabs

WiebeTech a brand of CRU DataPort has released a product that is unlike any portable drive we have reviewed previously. The mini-Q is a 2.5" portable drive which has encryption built-in and uses a mini USB dongle to active the access to the drive.

Arctic Cooling Alpine 64 Plus Heatsink Review @ Frostytech

With the release of AMD's socket FM1 Fusion A8-3850 processors late last year there's been a growing need for inexpensive yet relatively quiet CPU coolers of moderate power. The 'Llano' processor only has a 100W TDP and costs just over $120 bucks, so expensive tower heatpipe coolers can be a little bit of an overkill. Arctic Cooling's Alpine 64 Plus heatsink is one economical option to consider; it's rated for 100W and stands 70mm tall so it fits in most media PC cases with ease.