Daily Reviews for August 2

NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 660 Ti 2GB Reference Video Card Review @ Tweaktown

The card we're looking at today carries with it the default clock speeds we'll see on reference clocked GTX 660 Ti based cards and that's what we'll be testing at today. The bottom line is we don't want to bite the hand that feeds us, and for that reason, we don't want to do anything that can give away who sent the card to us. While we're happy for NVIDIA to winge at us, we don't want them winging at the people who give us the ability to do this.

Thortech Thunderbolt 1200 Watt PSU Preview @ Madshrimps

Thortech??? Like most of the Memory companies, GeIL is also making Power Supplies under the brand name Thortech.  The Thunderbolt 1200 is a high end powerfull 80+ gold, semi modular PSU. Only 160mm in length. So it's sounds like a real contender for all the well known high end powerful PSU's. Let's bring on the [M] testbench set-up and compare what the thunder god has to offer.

Cooler Master Storm Stryker Gaming Case @ Pro-Clockers

Today, we will be taking a look at another white case this week. This time it is from Cooler Master and is called the Stryker. If you look past the white color, this case may look familiar to you. If it does the case that should come to mind is the Trooper. Reproducing your best-selling cases in white is a good idea as we have seen white becoming what black was to beige. A trend that quickly spread through the masses.

Bitfenix Prodigy Mini-ITX PC Chassis Review @ eTeknix.com

This week we’ve been taking a look at the very stylish Prodigy chassis from Bitfenix, which as some of you will know is causing somewhat of a storm in the mini-itx category at the moment, with stock of this item seemly in high demand where ever you look, could this be the chassis that sparks new life into the mini-itx motherboard ranges from all the major suppliers, given the already limited choices from the various manufacturers?

Samsung 830 256GB SSD Review @ RWLabs

The Samsung 830 is the one of the only completely proprietary SSD’s on the market. Samsung manufactures their own in house controller and of course their own NAND. The 830 contains Samsung’s own 3 Core MCX Controller (S4LJ204X01) and Samsung’s own 20nm Toggle Mode NAND. So far we’ve only seen Samsung’ 3 Core MCX controller in the 830 and it appears it will remain that way. The 830 has been on the market for quite a while now, but with samples being scarce we have just now received our review drive.

Thermaltake Water2.0 Pro CPU Cooler Review @ Legit Reviews

Today we take a look at the Water2.0 Pro 120mm sealed loop water cooling from Thermaltake. The WATER2.0 Pro utilizes a much thicker radiator, 49mm compared to 25mm found on the Performer model, to increase the heat-dissipating surface area for better performance. Join us as we see how the Water2.0 Pro handles the heat on our Intel Core i7 3960X processor against other units like the Corsair H80.

Corsair HX850 Gold Power Supply Review @ Hardware Secrets

Even though the original Corsair HX850 power supply received the 80 Plus Gold certification, Corsair decided to downgrade it to the 80 Plus Silver certification, as the manufacturer felt the 80 Plus Gold levels couldn't be sustained at high temperatures. (Wouldn't it be great if all manufacturers had this kind of concern?) Now Corsair is releasing a revamped version of its HX850, the HX850 Gold. Let's see if this new version is a good product.