Daily News for Nov 16

Antec Performance One P280 Midtower Case Review @ Legit Reviews

Today we have Antec's newest addition to the Performance One series, the P280. Continuing the legacy of Performance One enclosures, the P280 integrates quiet technologies such as sound-dampening steel / polycarbonate side panels, a triple-layer front door and hard drive trays with preinstalled vibration-reducing silicone grommets. Antec says that with the P280 they have fixed some things that users didn't care for, so let's find out if they did!  Antec set out to fix a couple of the main issues users had with their recent cases. I think they hit the mark. The Performance One P280 has all the looks that the Performance One series is known for and the new features are great....

Intel X79 Quad Channel and Z68 Dual Channel Memory Performance Analysis @ Tweaktown

Memory performance on the new platform has been all over the place and I've personally been talking to both motherboard and RAM manufacturers to see what we can do about the performance. The big issue at the moment is under AIDA64 - an almost industry standard benchmark for us, we see that Quad Channel isn't painted in the best light.  It's not our job to go out there and make sure the product is painted in the best light. It's not like Intel has turned around and said anything to us, though, it's just this personal issue I'm having at the moment with the numbers we're getting out of Quad Channel memory in our normal benchmarks. It doesn't make sense that from a bandwidth perspective it offers no more performance than Dual Channel, if not slightly less at times.

Corsair Carbide Series 500R Arctic White Mid Tower Case Review @ Tweaktown

Today we are looking at the second chassis in the Carbide series. For those who follow what I write about, the 400R wasn't all that long ago. In my time looking up information on the 400R, I found myself sitting there admiring its bigger brother more than I was actually looking into the 400R. My feelings were even written when I reviewed the first in the Carbide series that while the 400R offers plenty of bang for the buck, I wanted to see this version of a similarly designed chassis to give a more informed answer as to which of the two I would put my money on.  Even though there is a black and a white version of today's sample, Corsair was nice enough to send me the Arctic White version of the 500R from their Carbide series. This is why I brought up the 600T SE in the first place. I already have a handle on what a white chassis from Corsair can look like day to day, but this time I get a different approach in style to basically the same idea.

Intel Core i7-3960X Extreme Edition CPU @ Benchmark Reviews

Intel's "Extreme Edition" CPUs have always represented the company's top consumer offerings. Typically priced in the $1,000 range, they have unlocked multipliers, lots of cache, and lots of cores. But until now, Intel's top Extreme Edition offering, the Core i7-990X CPU, was based on the older Gulftown architecture, and the performance gap between this CPU and the newer Sandy Bridge architecture Core i7-2600K and 2700K is pretty damn narrow, especially considering that the latter costs less than a third the price of the former. But now Intel's made a Sandy Bridge Extreme Edition, with six physical cores and a staggering 15 megabytes of cache. Benchmark Reviews takes the new Intel Core i7-3960X Extreme Edition CPU around the benchmark course, testing it against the best CPUs Intel and AMD have to offer.

Gelid GX7 CPU Cooler Review @ XtremeComputing

Today I will be reviewing the Gelid GX-7. Gelid are another name on a list of companies who seemily have come out of no-where, but quickly raised to the top. Gelid have been around for nearly 4 years, and unlike many new companies in this industry, haven’t attempted to enter too many markets at once, rather focusing purely on HSF’s for CPU’s & GPU’s, Fans and Thermal Interface Material (TIM).

Griffin Helo TC RC Helicopter Review @ TechwareLabs

With their new Helo TC RC Helicopter, Griffin aims to improve upon the general formula for indoor RC helicopters by swapping out an iOS device for the standard RC remote. The end result is a bit of a letdown, but the brilliance Griffin aimed for can still be seen, though it is obscured by a few glaring issues.