Daily News for March 13

AMD 780G Chipset - Gigabyte MA-78GM-S2H Motherboard @ Legit Reviews
The AMD 780G chipset is the first new chipset that was designed by AMD after the AMD/ATI merger and it performs like a winner. Usually when a company designs a chipset with integrated graphics they just take half of a desktop GPU and stick it inside the chipset, but the 780G is the first chipset generation to have the whole graphics engine inside. The Gigabyte GA-MA78GM-S2H motherboard is a great example of what the 780G chipset can do when properly used. The board didn't leave us with any bad to say as it was found to be stable with a BIOS that could easily worked with.

Honeywell SecuraDrive 80GB USB 1.8-Inch Pocket Drive @ Benchmark Reviews
The Honeywell SecuraDrive portable USB hard drive is perfect for storing MP3 music files, videos files and photos, or for protecting sensitive and private data while on the go. Featuring Password Protection Technology, the SecuraDrive allows the user to allocate part or all of the hard drive's capacity to be public or private, with the private areas only accessible with the proper password, regardless if the SecuraDrive is lost or stolen. Benchmark Reviews tests the 80GB SecuraDrive FM-HWS80U2 for modern-day performance and reliability.

Razer Mako THX 2.1 Speaker System Review @ Futurelooks
Razer is a company that prides itself in designing products for gamers, by gamers. We’ve already seen what Razer is capable of when it comes to crazy computer mice and “gaming surfaces”, but what about something a little more substantial? Well, the speakers that are built into my Dell laptop are pretty anemic at best, so I approached the newly launched Razer Mako THX speakers with completely open arms. And the 2.1 system absolutely blew me away. Yes, they are that good.

Nexus Hush Kit Review @ Techwarelabs
Do you have a need to silence your PC but you wish to retain the cooling power of those loud fans? Nexus has created a kit called the "Hush Kit" which is specifically engineered to give you good cooling while lowering the noise output to virtual silence. We test out this kit and let your know if its worth it or not.

Sapphire Radeon HD 3870 X2 1GB Graphics Card @ Tweaktown
The latest HD 3870 X2 to make its way into the labs comes in the form of a stock clocked Sapphire. We actually haven’t checked out the X2 on our new test bed in any real detail, so we’ll have to see how it goes here today. If you’re looking for a HD 3870 X2 that doesn’t do anything but produce some good numbers, this could be the card for you. Fortunately, there is only one way to find out so let’s get stuck into the card and see what we have on our hands today before we get into the benchmarks.

A-Data Vitesta DDR3-1600X CL7 PC3-12800 RAM @ Benchmark Reviews
Benchmark Reviews has amassed the largest collection of DDR3 memory modules anywhere, and we are now ready to showcase the thirteenth product of our High-Speed DDR3 Review Series. In this article, we test the performance from A-Data's Vitesta X series DDR3, and discover if this overclocker-specific system memory is built for the task. Rated for 1600MHz, Benchmark Reviews successfully pushes the AD31600X002GU well beyond its PC3-12800 rating without disturbing the low 7-7-7-20 clock latency.

AMD Radeon HD3870 512MB roundup, Club3D and HIS compared @ Madshrimps
The HD3800 series have been available for nearly three months now, but it's only until NVIDIA recently decided to launch their 9600GT that we decided to have another look at ATI's current mainstream video card. Our article includes two samples, one standard clocked HD3870 branded Club3D, and one supercharged video card labeled HIS. Head on to found out how we rated the HD3870 three months after release.

Thermaltake Muse X-Duo RAID Review @ ClubOC
One reason I love being a ClubOC reviewer is the opportunity to try new and interesting gadgets. A few weeks ago, Thermaltake sent me an HTPC case so that I got to dive into the world of PC-based Media Centers; today I get to jump into the world of Network Attached Storage with the new Muse X-Duo RAID enclosure. If you are unfamiliar with the Network Attached Storage, a NAS box is essentially a group of external hard drives that plug directly into the network, offering a resource for data sharing and backups for the entire network, while remaining completely independent of every PC on the network. As is plain to see, this offers some serious advantages for both the data-packrat home user and the small office.

Auras TwinW (SMF-660) CPU Cooler @ Tweaktown
With success in the OEM/ODM market Auras is now ready to move into the public spotlight with their name featured right on retail packages. Auras’ headquarters is situated in Taipei, and with three factories in China it is clear that the company is off to a great start. Today we will be looking at the Auras TwinW, also known as the SMF660. This copper base, aluminum fin cooler places a single fan in the middle of two moderately sized cooling fin areas that utilize the push/pull effect of the fan. Let’s dive in and see what the TwinW is all about.

Kingston DataTraveler 400 USB Flash Drive @ Legit Reviews
How many times have you misplaced your thumb drive and all you could think about was what information was saved on it. Was it personal? Was it sensitive to your job? Well Kingston has sent us one of their Data Traveler series thumb drives that is designed to help protect that data and not cost a bundle in the process. Today we look at the Data Traveler 400, read on to see if its a good fit for you.