Corsair Force Series GT 180GB Solid State Drive

The BlackMagic application tests performance of drives using sequential streams of incompressible data.  The 180GB Force Series GT drive fell a bit behind compared to the 240GB drives with the SF-2281 controller and synchronous NAND.  It's no surprise that sequential transfer speeds of incompressible data will suffer when the number of flash channels available for use is reduced.

Boot speeds while using the Force Series GT was pretty fast, and in general all of the SSDs were pretty much the same.

By nature of its NAND configuration, the 'Documents' fileset with it's small file sizes had a high transfer speed with the Force Series GT.  When file sizes got bigger with the other filesets, the speeds achieved were a bit slower.  Compared to the Windows based file copy test, the Force Series GT did better on the Mac OS X platform.