ARCTIC's Freezer 13 PRO and Freezer i30 CPU Coolers

Arctic Cooling is a company most of you probably heard of before, and it's focus was on computer cooling products.  Most well known for its video card cooling products, it was also very popular with it's Freezer 7 and 64 CPU coolers.  Rebranded as ARCTIC in 2010, the company now covers a wider market with a variety of different computer and electronic products.  Today we're looking at two products which extend from the original roots in cooling hardware ARCTIC came from, the Freezer 13 PRO and Freezer i30 CPU coolers.  In the past, the brand has been known for producing high performing coolers with value oriented pricing, so we'll see what their current generation of products bring to the table.


  Freezer 13 PRO Freezer i30
Max Cooling Capacity 300w 320w
Heatpipe 8mm x 4 (copper) 8mm x 4 (copper)
Heatsink Material Aluminum fins x 47 Aluminum fins x 48
Fan Size 120mm, 50mm 120mm
Fan Bearing Type Fluid Dynamic Bearing Fluid Dynamic Bearing
Noise Level 22.5dBA 22.5dBA
Fan Current 0.22A 0.23A
Dimensions 96 x 134 x 159mm 100 x 139 x 161mm
Weight 902g 900g
Warranty 6 years 6 years

Build and Design

Side by side, ARCTIC's Freezer i30 (left) and Freezer 13 PRO (right) CPU coolers look very similar, but with a few differences.  First and most obvious is are the fans the coolers use.  The Freezer i30 uses a standard size ARCTIC 120mm fan with a shroud installed over it, which also acts as a big mounting clip.  This allows you to easily use a different 120x120x25mm fan if you so desire.  The Freezer 13 PRO uses a fan that's the same size as the Freezer i30, but it's built into the shroud.  Both fans are rated similarly in terms of noise and power usage, at 22.5dBA and ~0.22-0.23A respectively.  They are both 4-pin PWM fans.

Looking at the back of the two coolers, they look the same, and that's because they pretty much are the same.  The shape and size of the aluminum radiator fins are an exact match between the Freezer i30 and the Freezer 12 PRO.  

The only difference in the arrangement of the radiator is that the Freezer i30 (left) has 48 fins, whereas the Freezer 13 PRO (right) has 47 fins.  The spacing between the fins the same on both coolers, the Freezer i30 just has an extra fin on the top.

Both coolers also have the same arrangement of four 8mm copper heatpipes running through the radiator and base, in a U shape.

Besides the difference in fans, the other main differences between the i30 (left) and the 13 PRO (right) are evident when looking at the bases of each heatsink.  The Freezer i30 has a base where the heatpipes make direct contact with the CPU's heatspreader.  The Freezer 13 PRO has a traditional copper baseplate.