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Daily Reviews for Dec 10

Thermaltake Level 10 M Gaming Mouse Review @ Pro-Clockers

Now, the new creation of the two has hit the U.S. shores in the form of the Level 10 M gaming mouse. Yes, a mouse. The Level 10 M visually is just as impressive as the chassis. Plagued with many of surface panels and buttons, the Level 10 M could easily intimidate many regular PC users as well as other gaming mice. There has been much talk about the new mouse mostly coming from Thermaltake, so are about to venture into the Level 10 M ourselves and see just what it is all about.

Fractal Design Integra R2 750 W Power Supply Review @ Hardware Secrets

The Fractal Design Integra R2 is available in 500 W, 650 W, and 750 W versions, all with the 80 Plus Bronze certification. Let’s take a look at the 750 W model, which comes with a very nice price tag.  This power supply is manufactured by HEC, being a rebranded HEC-750TB. This is the same platform used by the Cougar CMX V2 700 W. The only difference between the two are the +12 V rectifiers, which are “stronger” on the Fractal Design Integra R2 750 W and the use, on the Cougar CMX V2 700 W, of a Japanese capacitor on the primary and a modular cabling system.

OCZ Vector 256GB RAID Review @ RWLabs

Storage Enthusiasts and Indilinx Fans such as myself have been patiently awaiting the day when OCZ Technologies and Indilinx would finally consummate the marriage and give birth to a new Flash Processing Unit that would bring with it the kind of ground breaking performance that legends are made of.

NZXT Phantom 820 Full Tower Case Review @ Legit Reviews

NZXT come out with the Phantom mid-tower case to much praise and then released the very popular Switch 810 full tower. What do you do next after these two fantastic case releases? Why make a full tower version of the Phantom that uses the best of both cases and call it a Phantom 820 of course. Legit sniffs around the latest from NZXT to see if it really is the best of the best.

ADATA DashDrive Elite HE720 2.5″ 500GB External Hard Drive Review @ eTeknix

Whilst there are a large number of 2.5" external hard drives to chose from, most are still a little bulky in respect to the ultra slim DashDrive Elite that we are going to be looking at today from ADATA. The DashDrive Elite HE720 boasts the world's slimmest build at 8.9mm wrapped in a 9H scratch resistant stainless steel case to protect the drive whilst on the go.

Hitachi Touro Desk Pro 4TB USB 3.0 External HDD Review @ Madshrimps

The refreshed Touro Desk Pro from Hitachi comes with a new high capacity 4TB drive, which succeeds to deliver better transfer speeds than the previous, 3TB model. The temperatures of the drives are close to the ones we have seen with the Touro Desk Pro 3TB and the enclosure has the same design lines.

Thermaltake eSPORTS Level 10 M Gaming Mouse Review @ Techgage

In 2010, Thermaltake and BMW DesignworksUSA worked together to bring us the inspired, unique and famously expensive Level 10 chassis. The duo have now branched their partnership out to peripherals, with the first product out of the gate being the Level 10 M gaming mouse. Let’s find out if looks will help you kill.

Daily Reviews for December 6

Corsair H100i Liquid CPU Cooler Review @ eTeknix

Corsair's H100 has to be one of the most famous enthusiast CPU cooling systems on the planet. The Noctua NH-D14 dominates the air heatsink market while Corsair's "liquid cooling for the masses" idea took off in popularity and dominates the liquid cooling market, with the H100 being the flagship of the Corsair Hydro Series line up. The Corsair H100 has been with us for what seems like an age, and consequently Corsair felt it is time for a refresh of this favourite. "How much difference does adding an "i" really make?" is the question we want to find the answer too.

Cougar CMX V2 700 W Power Supply Review @ Hardware Secrets

Last year, we reviewed the Cougar CMX 700 W power supply, which failed our tests. Cougar released an updated version of this power supply in order to correct the issues we found.  Cougar is a brand that belongs to HEC/Compucase. The CMX V2 series is comprised of 80 Plus Bronze units with a modular cabling system, in 450 W, 550 W, 700 W, 850 W, 1,000 W, and 1,200 W versions.

Sapphire Vapor-X CPU Cooler Review @ Pro-Clockers

Sapphire have been implementing vapor chamber technology into many of their graphic cards for awhile at this point, ranging from the now-ancient Radeon HD 3870 to the current HD 7970, but now they have crafted it into a CPU cooler. That's right, Sapphire are making an aftermarket heatsink for your CPU, too! The cooler is simply called the Vapor-X and shows promise of being a contender in the high-end air-cooling market. Read on to find out how well it stacks up.

Gigabyte F2A85X-UP4 AMD FM2 Motherboard @ Benchmark Reviews

The second generation of AMD A-Series APUs is now among us. Hopefully you have been able to read our articles about the newest AMD Trinity Processors. Those APUs are nice, but they amount to nothing without a motherboard to pair them with. At Benchmark Reviews, we tested those APUs with the Gigabyte F2A85X-UP4 Socket FM2 A85X Motherboard. While the A85X chipset brings a few minor changes to the FCH, Gigabyte has added a lot of their own features to the F2A85X-UP4 motherboard to ensure that it meets all of the needs of early FM2 adopters.

ASRock FM2A85X Extreme 6 Motherboard Review @ TechwareLabs

The Trinity line of APU's from AMD have shown us that it is possible to have respectable CPU and GPU performance all in one chip. Along with that you get low power consumption and a low price to boot. But as we have shown in our recent ECS FM2 motherboard review, these Trinity chips also have a little something for the enthusiast as well.

Noctua NH-L9i Low Profile Cooler Review @ RWLabs

While I was in the middle of my last review from Noctua, the A series fans – I was contacted by Noctua with a press release featuring the NH-L9 CPU cooler. Of course, since I’ve always had a deep respect for Noctua products I told them to send one over and I would take a look at it.

Daily Reviews for December 5

BitFenix Ghost Mid-Tower Chassis Review @ Tweaktown

There are plenty more features we are used to from BitFenix as well as some other new offerings not usually seen, but I need to save something for the rest of the review. For now, get yourself situated, because the Ghost mid-tower chassis from BitFenix is well worth your time to have a look at what it has to offer.  Even though there were some slight issues with the sample I was sent, I really think the Ghost is a case many buyers will gravitate to for any of their future builds - I just think it is that cool. Continue on through the specifications and packaging images, because I don't think by the time you see this case you will be disagreeing with my last statement.

In Win GRone Full Tower Chassis Review @ eTeknix

The GRone is priced at anywhere from £90-130 depending on when and where you look for one, which isn't cheap but it's about on par with other premium gaming chassis on the market, although of course you could spend more if you wanted, In Win them selves have chassis three times the price on the GRone. With a three digit price tag there are a few things you're going to want from your chassis, for your financial investment you want to see good build quality, a sturdy feature list and great performance, you may also want a good level of style, but that's a subjective quality for every individual.

FSP Aurum 92+ 650 W Power Supply Review @ Hardware Secrets

The Aurum 92+ is the new 80 Plus Platinum power supply series from FSP, available in 450 W, 550 W, and 650 W versions. Let’s see how the 650 W version fared on our tests.  The name of this series is obviously an artistic license, since “aurum” means “gold” in Latin; anyone who has studied chemistry in school knows that.

Silicon Power Diamond Series D03 USB 3.0 Portable HDD Review @ Madshrimps

The speedy D03 USB 3.0 drives from the Diamond Series come from Silicon Power and can be found with different capacities, sport a catchy design and have an internal solid aluminum structure. The outside is scratch resistant and thanks to the 2.5'' drive inside, the product remains very light, weighting only 147 grams.

Silverstone FP37 SDXC USB 3.0 Front Bay Card Reader @ Benchmark Reviews

A media card reader can be a convenient device when it comes to transferring information between cameras, video cameras and a desktop computer. Media card readers based on USB 3.0 should take advantage of the higher interface bandwidth to allow much faster file transfer. In this article, Benchmark Reviews looks at the Silverstone FP37 USB 3.0 front bay media card reader to find out just what kind of features and performance can be expected from this newer generation of media card reader.

CM Storm Quick Fire TK Mechanical Keyboard Review @

Cooler Master just released a new keyboard to their CM Storm lineup called Quick Fire TK, which should be a nice upgrade from the CM Storm Quick Fire keyboard. The Quick Fire TK keyboard back-lighting is a major feature improvement; the red back-light looks great and the three different modes you can choose from is a very unique feature.

Thermaltake New Soprano Case Review @ Legit Reviews

Thermaltake recently announced the 'New Soprano' PC case, which is the latest revision of the companies long standing Soprano case series. This case has simple lines and brushed metal accents that keep it just classy enough for a professional office or modern home environment. Read on to see if the Thermaltake New Soprano has the look and features that you desire!

Daily Reviews for December 3

Corsair Hydro Series H80i and H100i Liquid CPU Coolers Review @ Madshrimps

Corsair is renewing it's all in one liquid cooling solution series. After overhauling the high end AX series power supplies, their high end Hydro 80 and 100 models are getting a facelift too. Baptized as the H80i and H100i models; Without any clue what the i really stands for, however ignition or injection seem logic options. Most important upgrade is the inclusion of the new Corsair Air fan series, which already are renown for improving the cooling performance by a small margin. However that's not the only part where the new Hydro I series differ from their predecessors. Time to explore Corsair's latest addition.

Silverstone Heligon HE02 Fanless Passive Heatsink Review @ Frostytech

The Silverstone Heligon HE02 is being sold as a passive heatsink for sub-95W TDP processors, so today on Frostytech we'll put this big, boxy, silent heatsink through its passive paces. No fans will be used in the testing, just good old noise-less convection cooling. We should note that wire fan clips are supplied for users who wish to add two 120mm fans. Silverstone's Heligon HE02 heatsink is made from a pretty common mix of nickel plated aluminum fins soldered to six 6mm diameter copper heatpipes. The heatpipes are capped off by a chunky nickel plated copper base plate. Noise wise, this is a completely silent passively cooled heatsink, which means you'd better have a case with lots of air vents.

Enermax Hoplite ST Mid-Tower PC Chassis Review @ eTeknix

Today were taking a look at the Hoplite ST chassis from Enermax. We managed to get hold of the white edition of the chassis for the review and priced at around £70 it's set nicely between the mid budget and premium build chassis in terms of cost. So I'm expecting a decent level of build quality, features and performance from this chassis as £70 is still a lot of money.

Cooler Master Quickfire TK Gaming Keyboard Review @ Ninjalane

It's no secret I travel with my PC more than most and the size of my accessories almost dictates how many trips to the car I make. As you can imagine size is important and Cooler Master's new compact gaming keyboard, the Quick Fire TK, is right up my alley.

Cooler Master Silent Pro Hybrid 1300W PSU Review @ RWLabs

Cooler Master is one of the very few top tier companies that offer quality products in an array of categories. Being that we haven’t tested anything from Cooler Master in quite a while I figured we would start off with a top tier component such as the Cooler Master Silent Pro Hybrid PSU.

Avexir Core 1600MHz 8GB Kit Review @ Pro-Clockers

One memory company that you may or may not have heard of, Avexir, is making a big name for themselves as of late. Avexir has been putting the wealth around the world in the form of their Core series of DDR3. Looking at their Facebook many such individuals have been getting some massive clocks from the kits. Today, we will finally get a chance at using their 1600MHz 8GB kit.

Daily Reviews for November 30

Zalman CNPS9900DF Heatsink Review @ Frostytech

Zalman's CNPS9900DF heatsink is a twin tower cooler that stands 154mm tall and is built around three 6mm diameter composite wick copper heatpipes. For a look inside a composite wick heatpipe, check this out. The CNPS9900DF comes with two fans, a 120mm intake fan that runs at a fixed speed of 1000RPM and a center, 135mm PWM fan than operates at 1400-900RPM. The center 135mm PWM fan operates at 1400RPM to 900RPM, thus even at its slowest speed airflow is pretty well balanced between the intake (front) fan and exhaust (center) fan. The open frames allow additional air mass to be drawn in from the sides as necessary.

Corsair H60 Compact Watercooler Review @ Ninjalane

In this review we will be looking at the Corsair H60.  The H60 is part of the Hydro Series line of self contained watercoolers designed as a high performance replacement for the OEM cooling system.   As with most self contained watercoolers the H60 features a combined waterblock and pump assembly that is connected to a small radiator.

Asrock FM2A85X Extreme6 FM2 Motherboard @ Pro-Clockers

The FM2A85X Extreme 6 is the flagship motherboard for the "Trinity" APU sets. The motherboard is visually appealing to the eye and offers load of options from low wattage consumption to an 8+2 power phase configuration for higher overclocks. One impressive aspect we know that all will like that is looking for a motherboard for a new AMD APU is the price. The Extreme 6 is being had for $100 from Newegg.

Antec ISK110 VESA M-ITX Chassis Review @ eTeknix

Antec have been in the computer component industry since 1986, in that time they have established them selves as one of the leading brands and build a strong fan base in the computer community. They've already got a solid range of products from their ever popular CPU coolers, chassis and even cleaning products that have proven well with consumers, businesses and many of which have won award from us here at eTeknix. With nearly 30 years of product knowledge behind them, Antec should know a few things about making a good component, something we hope to see reflected in the ISK110.

Cisco Linksys EA6500 Smart Wi-Fi Router Review @ Legit Reviews

Today, we look at the new Cisco Linksys Smart Wi-Fi AC 1750 Router that is designed to work with the next generation of Wi-Fi for fast data transfer and media streaming. Brought to you by what is arguably the biggest name in network hardware, Cisco packs the EA6500 with every bell and whistle that you can imagine including the latest 802.11ac wireless standard. Read on to see just how good the Linksys EA6500 is.

Fractal Design Define R4 Case Review @ Technic3D

The Fractal Design Define R4 is the next PC-Case in the Technic3D Editorship. The Define R4 supports ATX, Mini-ATX and Micro-ATX motherboards and have place for seven 140mm Cooling-Fans. We will check this and many more in the following Review.

Daily Reviews for November 29

Gigabyte F2A85X-UP4 Motherboard @ Hardware Secrets

The Gigabyte F2A85X-UP4 is a motherboard based on the most high-end chipset for the new FM2 platform, the A85X (codenamed "Hudson D4"). It is targeted to the second-generation APUs from AMD, codenamed "Trinity." Let's see what this motherboard has to offer.

GIGABYTE F2A85X-UP4 AMD FM2 Motherboard Review @ Legit Reviews

GIGABYTE has been a key player in AMD overclocking for awhile now. Their latest generation of motherboards for the AMD FM2 platform aren't looking to break that streak either. Earlier this week it was announced that the GIGABYTE F2A85X-UP4 was able to set the record for the highest clock speed on the AMD A10-5800K 'Trinity' APU. Today we are going take a look at the GIGABYTE F2A85X-UP4 in all of it's glory and put it through the paces! Read on to find out how well it does!

GSkill Ripjaws Z 1866MHz 32GB Kit review @ Pro-Clockers

For the first time in this site’s life it will be reviewing a 32GB kit of memory. And it is all due to the wonderful people at G.Skill. The kit is from the Ripjaws Z series and is clocked at an impressive 1866MHz. coming from G.Skill we do not imagine anything than that great performance numbers and but at high a high clock and high amount of memory we may not see crazy overclocking from them. But we are just as ready to get them on the bench anyways.

Logitech G710+ Mechanical Gaming Keyboard @ Benchmark Reviews

After almost dying out, then re-emerging as boutique items for snobs, mechanical keyboards are experiencing a sudden surge in popularity as people realize the advantages they have in keyboard feel and longevity over the traditional rubber dome or membrane keyboards. After testing mechanical keyboards from Cooler Master, Corsair, Rosewill, and Thermaltake, Benchmark Reviews now has the opportunity to look at a mechanical keyboard from one of the largest keyboard vendors in the world, Logitech. Join me as I explore the features and capabilities of their new Logitech G710+ Mechanical Gaming Keyboard.

Fractal Design Node 605 HTPC Chassis Review @ eTeknix

Fractal Design are well known for their slick styling, solid build quality and premium performance and I no doubt that the Node 605 will offer anything less. The chassis is priced at around £110, which isn't cheap but it is in line with the competition for similar chassis solutions. Fractal aren't known for their cheap prices but as we've seen in the Node 304 and the Define R4 you get great value for money in terms of the three big aspects of style, quality and performance.

CM Storm QuickFire TK Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review @ Techgage

Through its Storm product line, Cooler Master has introduced an entire family of gaming-oriented peripherals. Time to add one more member to the mechanical keyboard lineup: the QuickFire TK. Featuring a unique layout and a compact footprint, how well does the TK measure up to its heralded sisters? Read on to find out.

Daily Reviews for November 27

Corsair Hydro Series H60 High Performance Liquid Cooler Review @ Pro-Clockers

The new version of H60 boasts a new high static pressure fan, a new design cold-plate and new magnetic mounting bracket to make installation simpler than before. Along with other added features the H60 looks to be a good start to the new series of all-in-one water-cooling setups for Corsair. We can’t wait to get into the testing phase of this new cooler so let’s get started.

ECS A85F2-A Golden Motherboard @ Hardware Secrets

The ECS A85F2-A Golden is a motherboard based on the most high-end chipset for the new FM2 platform, the A85X (codenamed "Hudson D4"). It is targeted to the second-generation APUs from AMD, codenamed "Trinity." Let's see what this motherboard has to offer.

Asus F2A85-V Pro (A85X) Motherboard Review @ eTeknix

We've looked at plenty of Asus boards over the years and with the new adoption of the A85X platform and FM2 socket, we find the F2A85-V Pro landing with us which is currently the flagship board for Asus in the FM2 market segment and comes packed with some great features that we've seen before on other platforms including the UEFI BIOS that we've all come to love, BIOS Flashback, DirectKey, USB Charger+ and much much more.

ECS A85F2-A Golden FM2 Motherboard Review @

Today we are taking a look at the A85F2-A Golden Edition motherboard from ECS. This motherboard offers a long list of features, overclocking potential, and a flashy look. This motherboard has a lot of potential, but read on to see if this will actually be a quality product, or a gold-plated flop.

Cooler Master CM Storm Stryker Computer Case Review @ Madshrimps

The CM Storm Stryker is a revised version of the previously launched Trooper, now coming in a white color and a nice side window. The air cooling performance is quite impressive even in the default configuration, the HDD cages position can be switched on our liking and the case also supports multiple fan configurations. A small accessory box can be found at the bottom of the enclosure, X-DOCK allows quick installation of 2.5'' drives in the front and the included fan controller can drive up to 4x120mm fans.

Corsair Hydro H60 Update and H55 Review @ Techgage

Corsair has long been offering some of the most attractive all-in-one liquid cooling options on the market with its Hydra series, but it’s been a while since the entry-level models have seen much of an update. That changed late last month, though, with the release of the brand-new H55 and revamped H60.

Daily Reviews for November 27 - OCZ Vector SSD Review Edition


At the time of writing OCZ didn't have its product page up so we're using the specs presented to media in the reviewers guide. So far OCZ has released details on three capacity sizes. Vector is the new flagship in the OCZ SSD product family so we don't expect to see a 64GB model. We don't expect to see anything larger than 512GB either until a move to 20nm flash occurs.


The Indilinx badge has popped up again on OCZ's new Vector SSD, but this time it has a deeper meaning. Yes, the Vector boasts custom firmware like its similarly infused predecessors. Unlike those other drives, though, the Vector has controller silicon all its own: the Indilinx Barefoot 3. This long-anticipated chip makes its debut in the Vector, and we've run the drive through its paces to see whether it's been worth the wait.


The new Barefoot 3 controller and firmware are specifically tuned for long-term performance in steady state conditions. This controller also does not rely upon compression for its performance.  The result of this hard work comes with some truly impressive specifications with the 256GB model touting 550 MB/s read and 530MB/s write speeds. The Vector also tops out at 100,000 4k random write IOPS and 95,000 random read IOPS, all delivered over a SATA 6Gb/s connection. The OCZ Vector SSD comes in a mobile-friendly 7mm form factor and three capacities of 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB.


Today, OCZ is launching its Vector SSD, based on a brand new Barefoot 3 controller. Unlike the Vertex 4's Everest 2 logic, which was clearly branded as an Indilinx IDX400M00-BC, and at least made to look like an in-house design, we're assured that Barefoot 3 (IDX500M00-BC) is, in fact, OCZ's own, a product of its Indilinx and PLX acquisitions.


If you're the SSD savvy type, you may know the Indilinx branded Octane and Vertex 4 drives were actually Marvell based controllers with custom Indilinx firmware. Not so this time. The Indilinx Barefoot 3 is 100% OCZ in-house hardware and software. In fact, the entire drive is OCZ fabricated with the exception of the IMFT NAND as we'll see when we peek inside. The 6Gbps interfaced Vector carries some hefty read/write maximum specifications at 550/MBs and 530MB/s respectively with IOPS to match at 100,000/95,000. Although yet to hit shelves, the MSRP OCZ has relayed for each is as follows: $149.99, $269.99 and $559.99 for the 128GB, 256GB and 512GB drives.

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