Antec Sonata Plus 550 Case

As we've uncovered in our P182 and P190 evaluation, Antec is a very capable designer of computer enclosures. In their Performance One line of cases, Antec was able to bring together well built cases that offered great noise and thermal performance. The P182 and P190 are in the higher end of the spectrum however. In this review, I will be taking a look at Antec's Sonata Plus 550 enclosure. The Sonata series of cases from Antec are targeted more to the mainstream and entry level enthusiast level. Today I will be determining if Antec can extend it's successful Performance One formula to the Sonata series.

Like its Performance One series of cases, the Sonata series claims to provide good cooling performance with a low noise penalty.

The Sonata Plus 550 comes with Antec's NeoPower 550w power supply installed. The specifications of the combo are as follows:



You mentioned "The 8800 GTX

You mentioned "The 8800 GTX and Ultra will not fit in the Sonata Plus" what about a quadro 3500 or 4600? would these fit? thanks.

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