Antec's Performance One P182 and P190 Cases: A Visual Review


Externally, the cases were perfect when we received them, and quality was up to par. Everything fit like it was supposed to and there were no issues. On installing a complete system into both cases, we encountered no problems. Both cases were loaded up with an Asus P5B Deluxe motherboard, Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 with stock cooler, 2 sticks of Crucial DDR2, a PNY 8800GTS 640MB video card, two DVD burners and 4 hard drives. This test hardware would be representative of an above average gaming system (IE the proper average demographic for these cases).

On changing hardware to check for clearance issues, we found two points that are of concern.

For the P190, when we installed a Thermalright Ultra 120 heatsink on the system, we could not get the door to close due to a clearance issue. The Big Boy fan was hitting the Thermalright heatsink. Removing the fan, we could get the case to close properly, so with tall aftermarket heatsinks, you either have one or the other. The P182 exhibited no clearance issues with the Thermalright Ultra 120 heatsink. With the P182, if a long video card was installed, like an 8800GTX/Ultra, you will only be able to have a single hard drive in the upper hard drive tray, instead of two. Even through a 8800GTX/Ultra will fit, it will be tight. The best way to fit a long video card like those into the P182 case would be to remove the upper hard drive tray altogether. The P190, with it's longer motherboard tray area did not exhibit this issue.