Antec's Performance One P182 and P190 Cases: A Visual Review

The Sides

The foundation of the sides of the P182 and P190 cases are exactly the same. They were designed with noise surpression in mind, with a sandwich construction (aluminum-plastic-aluminum). This helps to absorb sound and vibrations, while keeping ridgidity. The doors fit to the case well, and when screwed to the case they feel very firm, like they were not separate parts of the case.

The side panels for both cases swing open like a door, and they are held closed with plastic clips and screws. Durability wise, we would have hoped that the clips were made of metal.

Both sides of the P182 case are plain panels. The P190's side panels are cosmetically the same as the P182's, but with a small ridge forming a square shape. The right-side panel is plain, and the left-side panel incorporates a 200mm fan, affectionately called the Antec Big Boy fan.

The Big Boy fan is as its name implies, big. It's a 200mm beast, and like all the other fans in the case has a three speed control module (L-M-H). This fan blows air into the case, directly cooling a wide area, generally where the CPU, RAM, mosfets and chipset are located.

As it is an intake fan, the Big Boy is protected by a removable and cleanable dust filter.