Antec Notebook Cooler S

There two general names for the class of the typical portable computers you see everyday and they are laptop and notebook. An older name, laptop used to be much more common than the term notebook. As the term implies, laptop computers were able to be used while on a user's lap. But this isn't the case anymore. With further miniaturization of components, packing more powerful parts in denser packages generally results in heat issues. The direct result of this for portable computer users is a hot computer. This in itself isn't bad, but there are health concerns from using a hot computer on your lap. As well, as with any electronic devices, heat is bad: it can deteriorate the health and longevity of components, and in the extreme, it can cause permanent damage. So in our current day and age, portable computers are called notebooks and they are generally used on desks or tables. As well, engineers charged with the design of notebooks are employing complex ducting systems and heat pipes to assist in dissipating all of the heat generated. Even with all of these considerations, my notebook gets noticeably warm at idle and with usage, it can get scorching hot. However, there are additional measures you can take to reduce the threat of heat. Antec takes a stab at notebook cooling with its Notebook Cooler S.

Antec's Notebook Cooler S

Antec's Notebook Cooler S is as its name implies, a cooler for notebooks. When placing your laptop on top of the cooler, it creates more air circulation under the notebook compared to a standalone notebook on a surface.

To create airflow, the Notebook Cooler S utilizes two blowers. These blowers pull air from through the top of the honeycomb grill of the cooler, and push it out from the front-side.

The cooler is powered through USB with a passthrough connector, so you don't lose a USB port. Also on the back of the cooler is a blue LED power light and a speed control switch with two positions (High and Low).

To prevent the cooler from slipping, there are rubber pads on the bottom. To prevent the notebook slipping when sitting on the cooler, there are rubber pads on the top.