Memory Comparison: DDR2 667MHz SODIMMs by Kingston and Mushkin


Today we'll be comparing two 2GB (2x1GB) kits of SODIMM DDR2 667MHz memory. These kits are aimed at users of Intel based Apple Mac computers. These are machine specific parts designed to work with full compatibility with Apple Macs including the Macbook series.

The kits that we will be examining and testing are from Kingston and Mushkin. Both companies offer lifetime limited warranties and are guarantee the memory to work with the hardware in question. Both the Kingston (Model: KTA-MB667/1G) and Mushkin (Model: 971504A kits) sticks of memory are 1GB each, and rated to run at 667MHz (PC5300) with 5-5-5-15 timings. Each kit consists of two matched model sticks.

Kingston KTA-MB667/1G x 2

Adobe Photoshop CS3 Beta Performance: OSX vs XP

Adobe Photoshop is a staple application for the vast majority of graphics professionals in the industry. For those with new Intel based Apple Macs, their only option was to run version CS2 using Rosetta, which is essentially using software emulation for x86 architecture compatibility. This of course imposed a performance hit. With Adobe not converting CS2 to a Univeral Binary which would provide hardware level compatibility, Photoshop users using Intel based Macs were stuck.

Logitech V270 Cordless Optical Notebook Mouse for Bluetooth

I just bought a new notebook computer recently, and when I received it, I evaluated which accessories I could keep from my old notebook for use with the new one. One of these components was my old travel mouse, a Microsoft Optical Notebook Mouse. It worked fine, although it was a little small and not as comfortable as a full sized desktop mouse. When I went to use it with my new notebook, I found that the USB cable wasn't long enough. On my old notebook, the USB port was on the back, and on my new notebook, the USB ports are on the left side. Being right handed, the cable would have to pass behind my notebook in order to use the mouse properly. No dice. Anyway, this gave me an excuse to buy a new notebook mouse and this time I was aiming for a cordless one.

2000W Power Supplies???

Wow, with 1000W power supplies just arriving, an announcement of not one, but TWO 2000W power supplies is a bit surprising. Considering most systems won't even utilize a 1000W power supply to capacity, I can't help but think 2kW is a bit of an overkill. For more details on the OCZ and Ultra 2000W power supplies, visit the Inquirer.

Core 2 Duo E4300 Reviews

Looking at current reports, Intel's Core 2 Duo E4000-series processors are looking exciting. Value priced and without much of a compromise in performance, it looks like Intel is looking to capture the mainstream processory market. Intel Core 2 Duo E4300: Affordable and Highly Overclockable @ Anandtech

Comparison of File Systems, Interfaces and Operating Systems

I decided to buy an external hard drive enclosure for the purpose of backing up and storing additional data on my Macbook. At a local computer store, I looked at my options knowing that I wanted a Firewire based external IDE hard drive enclosure. Based on price and availability, I picked up an Ultra 3.5″external hard drive enclosure with USB2.0 and Firewire 400 interface connectivity.

I installed a Western Digital 160GB (WD1600JB) with 8MB cache in the enclosure (using the Prolific 3507 chipset) and it worked flawlessly. I just had to setup the file system on the drive, and it got me thinking. I’d always use NTFS for my desktop computer and it’s a Windows XP machine, but I didn’t know much about the file system performance for the options available in OSX.

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